Things to Do in Albany

There are plenty of things to do in Albany for the tourist, traveller or even the long time local! Here is a list of just some of the Albany attractions that make this such a wonderful place to visit or stay.

Anzacs Dawn Service

Albany has always been famous for our Anzac Day Dawn Service and a trip to Mt Clarence to see the memorial is a must. Make sure to take your camera the views are fantastic.

Albany Tours

Albany tours, The Incredible Journey, Riverboat, Wine, Wagon, Dine, or Albanys Riverboat Kalgan Queen Scenic Riverboat a sheltered water tour.


Albany is features some of the Australia’s most picturesque beaches that are ideal for swimming, fishing or just taking a relaxed walk. Middleton Beach and Emu Beach are the two closest to the Albany town centre, as well as to many of the accommodation providers in the area … including our holiday homes of course 😉

Brig Amity

The Brig Amity set sail from Sydney on 9th November 1826, under the command of Major Edmund Lockyer who claimed this region. A replica of the brig Amity commenced in 1972.

River Cruises

History, wildlife and Dreamtime … a cruise down the ancient Kalgan River is one of the best things to do in Albany!

Dog Rock

Dog Rock is a well-know local attraction who now conforms to local bylaws and has to wear a collar. In 1921 the council decided it was dangerous and were going to blow it up!


Whether you fish from a boat, the beach or rocks, up a river, off one of the many jetties in the harbour, or take a fishing charter, Albany has the some of the best fishing you’ll find anywhere in Western Australia!


King George Sound

King George Sound was first named by George Vancouver in September 1791 but he named it King George the 3rd Sound it was later shortened when the ships left to go to Gallopili.

King River

The King River, named after Captain Phillip Parker King in 1829, like the Kalgan River runs into Oyster Harbour a small river only running about 30k.

Old Convict Gaol

What a visit to The Convict Gaol soon lets you know how hard it was in Albany in 1852. Convicts were shipped to WA as artisans and skilled labourers.

Patrick Taylor Cottage

Patrick Taylor was born at in Scotland in 1806 and orphaned as a child. The eleven room wattle and daub home is the oldest dwelling in Australia.

Princess Royal Fortress

Looking down on King George Sound from Mount Adelaide the Princess Royal Fortress protected Albany & saw the departure of the fleet to Gallipoli.

Sam The Seal Monument

Emu Point boat pens is home to the Sam the Seal Bronze, a monument to a wonderful Seal who rather like Red Dog. “Loved by all to be betrayed by one!” But his memory and soul lives on.

Strawberry Hill Farm

Strawberry Hill Farm is more than 180 years old making it the oldest farm in Albany or Western Australia. It is now run by the National Trust is well well worth a visit.

The Gap

The Gap is in Torndirrup National Park a canyon between the rocks formed 1300-1600 million years ago where the Ocean crashes into the rock erupting upwards, awesome. Stay well back!

the gap web


Natural Rock Bridge National Park

On the way to Whale World stop off at The Natural Rock Bridge it is one of Albany’s natural sightseeing wonders. Right beside The Gap you can visit both at the same time.Take care on the rocks.

Torndirrup National Park

Close to Albany Torndirrup National Park has the most stunning coast line & rock formations in the world. Including the Natural Rock Bridge & The Gap where Captain Kalgan married in 1996.

Tours In Albany

Albany tours, The Incredible Journey, Riverboat, Wine, Wagon, Dine, or Albanys Riverboat Kalgan Queen Scenic Cruises a sheltered water tour on the World’s oldest river.

Two Peoples Bay

Named by the French explorer Nicole Baudin in 1803, the meeting place of two Nations now Two Peoples Bay and home to the Noisy Scrub bird & the Gilbert’s Potoroo.

Walking Trails

Albany has such a wonderful Mediterranean climate a great idea is to try its walking trails. From the mighty Bibbulmun Track to the picturesque Luke Pen walk there is a great choice.

West Cape Howe National Park

On the coast 30k West of Albany you will find the stunning West Cape Howe National Park, one of natures “See what I can do with out really trying” World class experiences!

Wind Farm

One visitor to Albany said it must take a lot of electricity to make so much wind!!! Quietly saving our World, while the blades appear slow they can travel at 290kmh. Making clean electricity. The Wind Farm is a must see!

Wine Tasting

Some of the best wines in the World are found in the Albany region due to the perfect Mediterranean climate the vineyards not only produce the best, but at a price you can afford.

Whale Watching

Albany Whale Watching is some of the best in Australia. Watch from the land or get up real close on a Whale watching boat. Seasonal July to September.


Whale World

A visit to Whale World is a must while in Albany, Australia’s last Whaling station it closed in November 1978. Now a living museum it showcases this part of Australia’s history.

Oyster Harbour

If you use the word magical you’re talking about Oyster Harbour, Western Australia named by George Vancouver in 1891. Home to Sam the Seal, Percy the Pelican, and Kalgan Queen Riverboat.

Green Island

Steeped in history Green Island in Oyster Harbour, named and visited by George Vancouver it was WA’s first vegetable garden and is one of few Pelican breeding grounds, visit on the Kalgan Queen.

Kalgan River

As one of the oldest rivers in the world, the Kalgan River dates back to over 4 billion years, where it once flowed across the super continent of Gondwana, many millions of years before the landmass that is now Australia, split off and became its own continent.

Albany Entertainment Centre

The Albany Entertainment Centre sits proudly and in prime location on the edge of the Princess Royal Harbour. The Albany Entertainment Centre offers world class shows and productions. With productions from the Sydney Dance Company and other’s it’s fair to say she’s a sell-out.


Lake Seppings

You dont know what to do, go for a walk, take in some scenic beauty, learn about Aboriginal Dreamtime, maybe a bit of bird watching? Lake Seppings has the lot and all of this is just a five minute drive from Albany or 3 minutes from Middleton beach or Emu Point.