Fishing Albany

Fishing around Albany, whether along the coastline or the inland waterways, offers something for everyone.

When to fish

You can fish around the Albany area throughout the year! The summer months (between December and March) usually have the best weather for a day at the beach, however many species of fish are most often caught during the colder winter months (May to August).

Places to fish around Albany

There are just so many great places to fish around the Albany coastline I won’t try to list them all here, however here are some of the most popular spots.

Two Peoples Bay / Little Beach

Good beach for a family day out. Safe beach for kids swimming, nice for a picnic. Mostly boat fishing, although herring/whiting etc are common from the beach. Around the corner at Little Beach, excellent fishing from both the rocks and the beach. Large rock pool there for kids to play in. Main species are salmon, herring and whiting, with the occasional larger fish coming through.

Nanarup Beach

Great beach for both surfing and fishing. Not recommended for young children as rips are common, however the pool on the west side is fine. Either fish the gutters on the beach, or around the many reefs. Main species are herring, whiting, skippy, salmon and the odd shark.

Emu Point / Middleton Beach

Emu Point and Middleton Beach are both great for fishing and swimming. Close to caravan parks and motels. At Emu Point, the rock groynes and jetty are a surefire spot for herring and whiting, especially when burleyed up. At Middleton Beach try the jetty in the evenings, or off the rocks around the corner. Main fish here are herring, whiting, skippy and plenty of squid in the evenings.

Princess Royal Harbour

Though mainly for boat fishing, there is still some reasonable shore fishing in the harbour. From the Town Jetty, and off the boardwalk track you can fish off the rocks. In the harbour itself, you are able to wade out and fish the edges. Plenty of squid for the boaties, and crabs during season. Main fish are herring, whiting, squid, flathead and crabs (in season).

Kalgan + King Rivers

If you’re looking for a consistent fishing spot, go no further than these rivers. At the King River, you are able to fish underneath the bridge itself, and around the corner near the parking bay. At both of the Kalgan bridges there are plenty of fish, and you can fish the river itself past the ski club. Plenty of spots along the river, and a nice walk. Main fish are black bream, mullet and the odd mulloway in the rivers, with herring, bream and whiting at the bridges.

Fishing safety

The coastline around Albany is stunningly beautiful, however it can also be extremely dangerous! When looking for a spot to throw a line in, always be mindful of the weather.